Think differently and find your ways!

A new creative thinking workshop is ready for you to explore online!

Explore your mind and use your creative power to find your own solutions!

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This event is for you if you seek for:

  • confidence in your own curly ideas (creative)
  • solutions to your challenges or goals
  • strategies to make your life brighter
  • meaningful & fun time
  • introspection
  • opening your mind
  • seeing things differently
  • opportunities & valuable networking

Our workshop intentions:

• we want the event environment to be relaxed, cheerful where every participant feel confident & comfortable to express his/her ideas without feeling judged by others.

• there is plenty of space to make mistakes and to experiement. Playing with our own creativity should is fun

• we encourage people’s authenticity  – the only way to get in contact with the our real self and grow naturally.

Event workstyle:

  • dynamic, based 80% on practical creative tools played & validated by positive feedback we got from our previous participants.
  • so accessible that you can continue practicing the techniques you’ll experience after the event, in your daily or professional life.
  • individual experiences that will stimulate your imagination and introspection, games that will give you the chance to take time with yourself in a quality atmosphere.
  • you will take part in engaging group exercises, in which you will get new perspectives from other participants learning in real time to see differently.
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Evolution & growth always come outside fo your comfort zone, experiencing new things.

What you explore & learn if you participate to REframe event?

  • get to know yourself through introspection exercises that facilitate the connection with your true Creative self
  • explore your imagination through a set of games that give you the opportunity to feel free again, to daydream, to feel again like a child.
  • you learn to look at the challenges / goals from other perspectives and to find multiple solutions, by using reframing techniques that break your thinking patterns
  • test some techniques that get you out of the ordinary, encourage your spontaneity in a relaxed environment
  • you meet open-minded people who can inspire you and come up with cool solutions, ideas, people with whom you can maybe build long-term friendships

REframe has designed and facilitated workshops and online sessions for hundreds amazing people coming from from different countries active in 21 different domains, aged 3 to 59.

We are thankful to all our participants: children, students, employees in companies, freelancers, managers and entrepreneurs of successful business.

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We invite you explore testimonials from other REframe editions of lovely participants who experienced our event workshop:

Event useful info :

When: Saturday, November 21st, 10 AM UTC+01 -3:30 PM UTC+01

(with three short breaks)

Location: Online

Places available: 12

Your investment: 250 DKK / / 34 Euro / 40$

Payment options available: PayPal, Mobile Pay, Bank Transfer

The price includes 5h30 of creative time & tools, coffee online breaks, PDF files with REframe tehniques + other surprises (to be announced at the end of the event).

Event will be held in ENGLISH.



Event cover design by Kasia Petersen

Creative guide: Vlad Dumitrescu-Petrica

Proudly Transylvanian soul, creative mind & founder @REframe, certified trainer & mentor, theatrologist, art agent, passionate selt-taught photographer and nature lover.

His mission is to creatively guide people to find their own solutions by exploring their practical creativity that lies within.

He designed more than 70 creative techniques and experiential games, organized and facilitated dozens of REframe event workshops for hundreds of participants coming from different European countries.

Constantly inspired by open minds, seeking to discover people’s creative potential. Curious to read, learn or watch videos about creativity, creative processes, psychology, techniques, studies, experiments, labs anything that can inspire him to create new techniques and games.

Whenever he has the opportunity, he creates the context where people can express themselves freely, beyond conventions, limits or fears.

Other projects he crafted with love: LEFT-HANDED & Creative international project and dVpImage.

In the last 14 years he had the opportunity to take part in many European trainings, exchanges and events focused on topics such as: communication, synergy, creativity, mentoring, alternative education, leadership, entrepreneurship, etc and all these learning experiences lead him to create REframe.

His favorite phrase:
„Traveller there is no road. The road is made as one walks.”
(Antonio Machadon)

REframe Facebook:

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