Private (online)

We meet online, play games in a relaxed and meaningful way, explore new perspectives for you to find inspiration & solutions to your personal / professional challenges.

REframe will go directly to your heart and will tickle your neurons if:

  • you are familiar with personal development term
  • have an interest for creativity
  • value your inner resources
  • have a playful spirit
  • want to explore yourself and you want to put your creative thinking at work
  • have an open mind
  • like to communicate and exchange ideas
  • actively seek solutions because you have a growth mindset
  • fascinated by discovering new alternatives and perspectives
  • have that kind of personality that asks questions and does not take everything by default (allergic to these phrases :”this is how it is”, “this is what everyone does”, etc.)
  • interested in finding different ways to solve a challenge
  • curious to experiment with new techniques


What REframe will bring you if you have the openness to live it: 

  • you have the opportunity to get to know yourself through introspection exercises that facilitate the connection with your trueself,  get in touch with your inner resources, becoming aware and have more confidence when it comes to personal creativity.
  • you dig deeper to track your limiting beliefs developed over time, you observe them and work carefully to shake them in a safe context.
  • explore your imagination through a set of games that give you the opportunity to feel free again, to daydream, to be a child, to return to that state where everything was possible
  • you learn to look at the challenges (problems / goals) from other perspectives and to find multiple solutions, by reframing techniques that break your thinking patterns, doubt your paradigms but help you see differently what is happening to you.
  • have some techniques that get you out of the ordinary, encourage your spontaneity in a relaxed environment
  • you meet new people who can inspire you and come up with cool solutions, ideas, people with whom you can maybe build long-term friendships. Likeminded people:) – Valid for group events 
  • you go back to your life with energy and inner joy  
  • the urge to be be&do more because now you know that it is only up to you to show your creativity

REframe online& one on one testimonials:


  • “REframe was an amazing experience. After so many talks with Vlad about it,  I was really curious and excited to experience his way of working and thinking and it worth every second. It is fascinating how relaxed and joyful games can make you realize and discover so many things about yourself and give you the right mindset, tools, and new ways to achieve your goals and deal with problems. I noticed that before I experienced REframe my levels of motivation were not the best, and this had a direct impact on my actions after this experience. I say this because I’m writing this about two weeks after and I still feel the direct impact of this experience in my energy and motivation, and I’m sure that this will help me longer. I learned that sometimes the ideas and ways to achieve goals and deal with problems are already in our minds, we just need the right tools and way of thinking to get to them.” – Rafael Cibrao (Portugal)
  • “Hi, I’m Mihai Andrei, London Video Stories founder. I was recently invited to attend a creative thinking workshop that would help me find solutions to my problems. Immediately after I accepted the invitation, a few questions popped up in my mind that sounded like this: Will this workshop help me? Is it a waste of time? Will it take me a long time? I decided to answer these questions after I participated in this workshop. I was happy to discover that REframe instruments are playful. It’s about a couple of exercises that really stimulate the imagination. During several hours on Skype I played and that was quite new. I played with creative exercises, I changed my perspective, I learned to REframe. I found it easy to approach as a game. When asked if REframe worked for me I could definitely say YES although this process of finding solutions is complex. It helped me first of all to think differently, to think from a different perspective. I feel that I should do REframe whenever a problem arises so I can say that I recommend with warmth and confidence REframe. It’s an different type of exercise!” – Mihai Andrei (UK)


  • I had a great REframe online session yesterday. Vlad really knows how to facilitate interesting mind games and expand your imagination.The workshop also leads you to more clarity on subjects you want to develop, both personally and professionally. I really enjoyed Vlad’s patience and calmness, respecting the pace of each step and being fully present. It is interesting that after each game you have the space to share your feedback, meaning you discuss on the purpose of the game and learnings that you had from it. In the end, it is a process to break free from mind patterns and let solutions emerge from your subconscious. Wonderful experience to let your inner child play freely and show how creative you really are. Thank you Vlad Dumitrescu-Petrica for this opportunity! Victor Pessoa (Spain)


  • I had a very interesting skype call with Vlad Dumitrescu-Petrica some time ago. It was supposed to last 2 hours, we ended after 4, lighthearted and inspired. Wishing you the best of luck with REframe! Thank you  Manuela M.Hortolomei


  • REframe or how to see solutions and resources beyond bottlenecks. In short, we played and I became aware. An experience that I recommend. Thank you, Vlad! Victor Catalin


  • Earlier this year, I have experienced an online REframe session with Vlad. Three hours that passed unexpectedly quickly, in which, through the games, I accessed my creativity and reconnected to my joy inner joy & love, my source of trust and to the inner child. I remembered which are my most important resources, which are the things I most need to stay in touch with, and at the same time I have seen my fears and important bottlenecks, this overall image brought to the surface so naturally bringing me back. closer to me, to my inner universe as a whole. In addition to the benefits that I feel personally, emotionally, the session provided me with a refreshment of confidence, enthusiasm and inspiration for professional projects. I am very grateful to Vlad, both for the benefits of the session and for his openness and generosity even beyond the strict framework of the session. A man whom you need to meet, whether only online, an experience that I highly recommend and for which I thank again! – Marina Stoica
  • Reframe? Will put your brain on curlers! It places you face to face with the problem, it’s taking you closer to it, helps you hold its “hand” and start together to solve it, with enthusiasm and open heart. ☀️ Thanks ! Ana Maria Ivan


  • “REframe will show you that a good question sometimes weighs more than a solution by helping you to simplify a problem, develop creativity, and / or make an action plan.
    This 2-minute video could describe how a  3-hour imagination session was for me:
    In other words, if we imagine that our mind could be an orchestra, then REframe would be the conductor that makes performers sing in unison, in a concert or opera concert, generating, in our case, clear objectives, solid plans and authentic ideas.” – Robert Alexandru


  • “Highlight it three times and make it bold,” I told Vlad when the game’s questions revealed the answers I repressed. I found myself in fragments through the games I went under his guidance. I wanted to make sure that everything was recorded, surprised by the genuineness of the process of removing all things that distorted my vision towards what was really important to me. I wholeheartedly recommend the REframe services, but especially the 1 on 1. The reasons? Simple! It achieves its purpose, it gives you control over the problematic things and through the game you become a dragon, loaded with energy and vision, ready to put everything in order. In addition, the  clarity post “session” is remarkable!”- Ana Maria Abalasei


  • “It was super relaxing but also challenging. I honestly think that REframe games really have a big impact, especially if you set the problem very clearly from the start. As I said last night, through the images game I even managed to find some answers in my mind that I was not aware of or some of which I knew, but maybe I do not accept them.The wow side was the one where I detached myself from the problem and I noticed that it’s not really a “problem” in itself, but just a little frustration that will fulfill over time. Congratulations on the idea and how you facilitate your activity (I do not open easily to anyone). You have a beautiful vibe that gives you confidence.” – Sorina Banu


  • In the first part of the workshop I felt very happy, I didn’t know anything about but I enjoyed because it was challenging. I discovered new meanings of the objects, of the beliefs I have. I have seen that any problem has solutions, that solutions exist, but must be accessed. I was encouraged to think and look at it from a different perspective, detached.
    In a very short time you receive many tools that you can use at any time, in any situation, you in society. I really understood what REframe is, what it plays with, what tools it uses, what it pursues, and, most importantly, what it offers, what you get after REframe.
    I understand that any belief, through play, can be modeled. That any object or experience can be viewed in a thousand different, favorable lights –  Cristian-Emanuel Opris

I recommend you REframe Individual if you:

  • are a reserved person
  • value the comfort of your home and want to make the most of your time 
  • want 100% trainer’s focus
  • look for solutions to the challenges you have in this period (personal / professional)
  • want to get to know yourself better and see what you can do with your native creativity
  • like to invest your time in a easy, relaxed, profound way and also learn something useful
  • think that it is important to live a new experience firstly individually so that you can process it completely, without any influence. 

I recommend you REframe Couple if you:

  • are two open minded persons
  • value personal development and understand what benefits you get when you both live the experience 
  • want having some quality time invested in your evolution 
  • look for new ways to color and explore your relationship
  • work on improving the communication
  • have challenges you are searching solutions & ideas for 
  • own some time you want to invest in activities that will get you out of the routine
  • appreciate the comfort of your home and seek to make your time as efficient as possible


I recommend you REframe Family/Friends if you:

  • have a family that you want to encourage in a creative way
  • want to enjoy the time together and discover the individual and group creativity
  • have challenges for which you are looking for solutions
  • like family/group activities
  • are inspired by others
  • appreciate the atmosphere and dynamics created by a communicative and cheerful family/group
  • spend time inside the house and you want to give some color to the time spent together
  • want to connect your family/group in an authentic and beautiful way
  • look for creative activities ideas for your family / group
  • want to spend a few hours in a unique way and you all want to learn something useful
  • are a couple of family members / friends located in different corners of the world


How we do it:

Tehnical: Online on Skype, Zoom or other similar software

Atmosphere: detached, funy, creative, profound, confidential, sometimes emotional (we are humans. we have emotions. so natural)


80 euro
  • Session: 3 hours
  • You want 100% trainer's focus
150 euro
  • Session: 3 hours
  • You and Him/Her
From 360 euro
  • Session: 6 hours
  • Minimum 3 persons
  • Group Creativity