Play your challenges and goals

Do you have

a challenge or a goal?

We all have. No matter we are seeking to gain more money, feel loved, find balance in our lives, follow our passion, start a business or manage our time in a better way.

WHAT if you play with all of these on your way to finding Your ideas and solutions?

Sounds Science Fiction.

I know and I understand why you think so.

Maybe you are curious why.

When we face a difficult situation or we wish something to happen we are used to struggling, desperate, or suffer.

We tend to complicate things, make long plans and in the end, guess what, we choose that saving Solution that sometimes works temporarily! But we don’t have other options.

This is what we’ve seen around when people aren’t living the life they wish to. So we copied this strategy even is limiting.

In fact, there are simpler ways to find many solutions and ideas with no pain, no stress, if you change your perspectives a little bit.

How you can do it?

By using a resource that was given to all of us but you rarely call it because your find it useless or you connect it to the chosen ones: artists.

That resource is called Creative thinking and once you discover and start using it, you will be surprised that to discover your inner resources, starting to see options, alternatives because you explore multiple angles of what is happening in your life which allows having a better understanding of it.

Once you have clarity and you explore possibilities, ideas will be born, empowering yourself to trust what you already have and make the most of it.

You will befriend your own challenges and goals because you have tools to play with them, detached and joyful in a relaxed & trustful atmosphere.

The tools I will guide you to experience are adaptable to any area of your life, be it personal or professional.  

If you still wonder HOW

I will tell you this “mystery”:

I am Vlad and since 2013 I have explored & created over 70 techniques and games for non-formal education (learning by doing) having guided hundreds of people from different European countries, from children to leaders running multinational companies.

They were curious and some of them skeptical as well in the beginning but once they experience REframe they arrive at the conclusion that creative thinking is indeed their super-power that is hidden inside ourselves.

They were happy to explore it finding answers in real-time.

You can read here, feedback & testimonials I received from people who lived REframe experience (2013-2021)

They only have to become aware of their practical creativity, trust and use it.

At the core of my activity is a great love for the creative potential that lies in each of us, that once unleashed it brings happiness, joy, and brighter life.

What makes REframe

event experience unique?

It’s Creative, Meaningful, Joyful, Highly interactive, Emotionally Safe, Practical, Non-Judgmental, and Tailored to a variety of personality types.

Besides all of these, REframe is a long-term investment in Yourself!

If you are curious and you want to reveal your amazing creative resources, start looking at things differently, spend few hours playing meaningful, while exploring ideas to discover your own Solutions, join us for the next online event!

Useful info:

Who is Vlad: I invite you to follow this link to find more about the person who is guiding this event

This event will have two sessions:

Saturday, 17th of April, 14.00-20.00, UTC+01 (Copenhagen)

Where: Online (Zoom)

Your investment (for both sessions): 34 / 40 $

Payment options: PayPal, Bank transfer, Mobile Pay

Let yourself explore your practical creativity!

Event poster design by Kasia Petersen

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