REframe  is the creative thinking concept that guides you to play games and techniques to change your perspectives, find ideas and solutions.
Our techniques are inspired by many things floating around but you can find specific elements from personal development, psychology, coaching, NLP, etc.

Vision: We want REframe techniques to be discovered and experienced in any personal and professional area by people who want to think creatively, be aware of their resources and get different outcomes in their life, career, and business.

Mision: To encourage people to self-discover their inner creativity which will open new perspectives and create new solutions for their personal/professional challenges.

Values: Self-Exploring, Authenticity, Playfulness, Creativity, Growth

Motto: change perspectives.find solutions

Minds behind REframe:

Vlad Dumitrescu-Petrică (born in Bucharest, raised in beautiful Transylvania):

Co-founder, creative entrepreneur, certified trainer

Active: October 2013 – Present

Nature lover and constantly inspired by the open daring minds, seeking to discover in his daily life behaviors and actions that prove the people’s creative potential. Fascinated by how the human imagination dresses.  Whenever he has the opportunity, he creates the context where people can express themselves freely, beyond conventions, limits, or fears. He appreciates honesty and feedback because he thinks it can help him evolve (no matter what he does). He lovingly supports REframe workshops living his mission every time he guides people to find answers, have ad-hoc revelations, discover the creativity that lies within.

He co-founded LEFT-HANDED & Creative international project and he is happily creating photography and visuals in dVpImage.

In the last 14 years, he has a personal & professional defining process thanks to participating in many European trainings, exchanges and events focused on topics such as communication, synergy, creativity, mentoring, alternative education, leadership, entrepreneurship.

He is constantly curious to read, learn or watch videos about creativity, creative processes, psychology, techniques, studies, experiments, labs. The more he is doing it the more passionate he becomes about it and inspired to create, grow, share.

Favorite phrase:
„Traveller there is no road. The road is made as one walks.”
(Antonio Machadon)

Cristina Chirilov (Romania / Scotland): trainer & game designer

Active: October 2016- March 2018

Cristina Chirilov REframe

She committed to REframe project because she was conquered by the human discoveries of those who choose to play here, in the realm of creativity. She considers it a privilege to be around those who have the courage to explore what’s beyond what they know about themselves.

She brings her studies and her experience of more than 10 years in the social field. She participated in numerous training both in the country and abroad, on topics such as personal development, non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, creativity, etc. She designed and led several projects in which people from different social categories were involved, being an active member of the Romanian NGO environment.

Raluca Mureșan (Cluj-Napoca): co-founder REframe, psychologist, coach.
Founder of Personal Development website Entuziasm

Active: October 2013-  August 2014

Raluca 500X500px

Psychologist and Coach NLP by profession,  founder of, her vocation is love for people. The values she is guided by our love, play, and humor. Raluca knows that any problem we have, there are at least 2 solutions so she is passionate about discovering different mental maps of people to help them find their way out of the labyrinth. She likes simple language and friendliness, so she can explain complicated things in a simple and humorous way. So far she has organized and facilitated dozens of workshops in different cities across Romanian (Cluj, Oradea, Bucharest, Iași, Timișoara) and other events where she was invited as a speaker. Topics she approached so far: Objectives and its achievement, Self-love and forgiveness, Self-knowledge and personal development, Happiness, Authenticity.